Friday, November 1, 2013



I've been working so hard and too busy to write blog posts for some time. The reason why I'm working like a frantic beaver is that I am going to take a week-ish holiday away in mid November and I feel that I need to collect some additional data to mentally earn a certain frame of time before being absent from the lab (typical scientist). And I've been sewing a lot and knitting a lot as well, as I just can't help handcrafting some of new clothes for my big event. I do take some days off my work occasionally but this holiday is going to be a big one, alone, to Down Under, for the first time.

Yes! I'm going to visit my friend Carolyn who is the co-author of my another blog, photomaisonette. I met Carolyn once in Tokyo when she stopped at Japan during her family holiday about three years ago, and it was revealed that she was not only talented in sewing&photography but also she was such a nice lady in person. I'm so looking forward to our reunion and my adventure in the southern hemisphere! My heart beats so fast with happy ideas whenever I think about it. Perth totally seems a beautiful place, and I hope there I can take some pictures of my recent sewing and knitting creations in action, and I'll write about them in the future blog post.

Until then, I'd put some pictures of my new very ordinary looking pants and hand-dyed sneakers here as my latest results. I sewed a pair of semi-baggy pants in cotton twill in very light gray-white from my trusty pant pattern and dyed a pair of white sneakers in grayish blue, for my flight comfort. My holiday theme is blue and white this time, so are my garments. Though they bark very 'work-clothes' in these pictures, you can kindly imagine that it is because I work a lot these days, and that they will be looking OK in a different meaning under the holiday sun :)

you see I'm (pretending to be) active.

I'm also scheduled myself to join two meetups(Modern Love at Bendigo Art Gallery and Kristiann’s Big Day Out. Thank you Tj and Maria for organizing them!) in Melbourne on my return way home. I'm going to see a few lovely Melbourne sewists and Kristiann from Victory Patterns there:) This travel is going to be an utterly wholly grand event to me. One of my wishes is that I won't get burned-out by too much many heartbeats afterwards... I'm praying for me the indoor feeble old nerd hobby sewist squirrel... to survive.

I sincerely wish you a very happy new month too.
Take care everyone!


Almost white semi-baggy pants
pattern: Joker from Tamanegi-kobo, styleA, lengthened but not much altered
fabric: Cotton twill from jean manufacturer

DIY dyed sneaker
Converse All Star canvas hi-cut sneaker in white and Simplicol dye for natural fiber No.22(grayish blue)


  1. Bon voyage Yoshimi, I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Oz!

  2. Yoshimi, I can hardly wait for your holiday to start! Your jeans are fab, comfy and stylish too; and you dyed your own shoes too.. ? so clever :)

  3. Love the outfit as always, and can't wait for you to get here. Which reminds me-I should start sewing too XD

  4. Have a wonderful time Down Under and your clothing will be so stylish

  5. Great outfit. You look always so stylish! Is is the colours or the shape or is it just the elegant you inside the clothes? Either way your combinations are always so well balanced.
    You are going to have the greatest time!

  6. I LOVE that outfit, Yoshimi! Perfect jeans, adorable shoes, and what a great vest! You will have a *great* vacation!

    I am happy to say that, with yesterday's outing, I am finally ready to mail you a little somethin'-somethin'. I don't know if I can get to the post office today, but I will be getting there soon!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment on my outfit, Shams!! Thank you for letting me know that I have something happy to wait for too, it is very sweet of you :) Have a great weekend!

  7. Your trip sounds fantastic, what a great adventure and you will be meeting up with such great people!

  8. Love your sneakers, they are a great color. Have a wonderful trip!

  9. Perfect travel outfit!! I have to say, I'm a bit jealous of your perfect pants, they look awesome :)

    So looking forward to meeting you on the Melbourne leg of your journey... not long to go now!! And have a great time in Western Australia, there's sooooo many beautiful places & beaches to visit :)

  10. Oh, your outfit is cute as always. And I went to your Photomaisonette site, too. The photography is just heavenly! You and Carol each have such a good eye for that perfect moment in time. Gorgeous!

    Cindy, Creative Hormone Rush

  11. Have a wonderful time and enjoy your holiday! It sounds like it will be absolutely lovely :-).

  12. Hi Yoshimi,
    You always look so modern, stylish and comfortable in your clothes. They are perfect for you! Have a great vacation! Karen from Hawaii

  13. I love your bright blue sneakers! What a fabulous pair, and nobody else can have the exact same ones. Enjoy your holiday!

  14. Hi Yoshimi.
    I'm so glad you were able to come to Australia. I hope you had a lovely time. Thank you for being such a wonderful person in real life as you are online. Wishing you all the best in the future. You're travel outfits were great.


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