Saturday, January 31, 2009

a shirt for my husband

090131, originally uploaded by yoshimi_ the flying squirrel.

 I made a shirt for my husband for a certain occasion.
The fabric I used was very fine purple-pink shirting cotton (I've been thinking that the color suits him very much).
Because he always seemed being reluctant to try unfinished garments, I didn't ask him to put it on before it was done. Very fortunately in the end, though it is a bit tight around the neck, the shirt fits him (almost) perfectly! And I'm sure the color helps him to look better, too.

It's always good to see a person in fitted garments!

 I also sewed this sparkling jacket for myself for the same reason.
It has got a pretty shawl collar and A-line shape. It doesn't have any buttons but I use a pin as the closure. I made the pin, too, decorating with some beads. I was going to wear it on a sleeveless mini-dress, made of pale pink silky satin, which was also made by me last year.

Said that, I have to tell you that the rest of my family (I mean our daughter) got influenza virus 5 days ago. She has been in the bed for some days, and she and her mother definitely would miss the party tomorrow. Well, I think it's very typical. I might have been too prepared! A memorable story never miss such ending anyway.
Hope my husband will successfully send our best wishes to the newly weds. Hope he'll have a good time for himself too!

I hope you are doing well!
Keep yourself warm, to you in the North hemisphere!
Stay comfortable and cool, to you in the South half of our planet!

hubby's shirt
pattern: anneecotton* men's shirt (discontinued)
fabric: shirting cotton, pale purple-ish pink
other: buttons, fusible interfacing (thick&medium-hard, on the collar and the cuffs)

pink lace jacket
pattern: anneecotton* cardigan/jacket 277A
fabric: lace fabric, shiny pink, probably silk/rayon/nylon blend
other: fusible interfacing (thin and long half biased tapes for keeping its shape on the armholes and the neckline)


  1. Your husband's shirt is so chic and well-made ! And the pink lace jacket is gorgeous !
    I hope your daughter will be better soon .
    Take care .
    Helene .

  2. Nice work Yoshimi! I've always found dress shirts to be more of a challenge than I anticipate. Esp. collars. :)
    The fabrics you used on your 2 projects are very nice.
    I hope that your daughter get well super fast, it's horrible to be sick, and no fun to miss the party.
    Have a lovely weekend!! :D

  3. The shirt is so neat and well-made, and the jacket is just fabulous! What a beautiful fabric!
    Oh, but too bad to hear about your daughter, hope she'll get better soon. Stay warm and don't catch the virus yourself!

  4. Thank you for the kind words, Helene, the glided bee, and Novita! I hope you are fine and having a good day.
    My daughter is feeling well now, and I think she will be attending the school quite soon. I need to get back to the work now!

  5. Wow, the top stitching on your husband's shirt looks so professional. I love the color too.

  6. Hello loopylulu, thanks so much!

  7. Hello !!
    Love the shirt you made for your husband. So many nice details, and those buttonholes !! Wish I can get to your skills level one day ;)


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