Wednesday, December 23, 2009

no coat. two light jackets.

I have decided NOT to sew any new coat for this winter in September to make my life simpler.

I love to sew coats, but at the same time, I also hate to sew them very much! I have this mixed strange feeling in it. Making coats is very exciting & fruitful, and the results always make me feel accomplished and so great. However, I am also very nervous throughout its whole process of both cutting and sewing. Especially in every aspect of dealing with the fabrics. Most of the time, the fabrics for coats are great indeed and I love to look at them at all, but they are also simply more expensive and more precious, practically not available any more than once, larger to handle, easier to fray, too fluffier, unwillingly messier, seriously more delicate and disappointingly less iron-friendly than the fabrics for other items. I am most likely to feel running away when I myself decide to make a wintry nice coat, imagining of all troubles and accidents on my fabric before getting the coat.

I think I can describe it like this too, "I adore gorgeous fabrics too much, especially for those that are used for coats. Because I love them so much, I feel ill with the idea of ruining them in my hands."

I know it sounds way too silly. I wish I had a skill to describe it less stupid.

Anyway, without any plan for new coat, my autumn and winter this year is so relaxing and peaceful. I'm feeling more productive and sewing small things happily. Here I have pictures of two jackets that I made recently.


One of them is actually a cardigan, but I used a jersey with less elasticity to make it look more jacket-y.
(The fabric is the leftover of this cape, as you may find.)


I found so much use of it in my everyday life. LOOOVE IT. It's nothing special, but it's perfect. Warm, cosy, pretty and white.

pattern: 7victoria (cardigan, PDF) from anneeduex*
size 38
body shortened (-3cm)
sleeve lengthened (+2cm)

wool/polyester blend, jersey

Other is a jacket with an interesting shape.


The pattern is from miho's shop, and I think it's so hers.
It has a pair of dolman sleeves, but the shape of them are slightly different from you would imagine with the word of "dolman". I recommend you to refer her photographs & technical drawings if you would like to know how the sleeves originally shape, since you wouldn't see their specialness in my pictures with my arms down (sorry!).

The jacket is very pretty, and it's special! I think the combination of the color of pale beige and this interesting shape suits me very well. And, it gives me every chance to show off my lovely pairs of hand warmers too. What do I need more.


pattern: Hilda (jacket, PDF) from TAMANEGI-KOBO

one size (free size)

fashion fabric: plain woven wool/acryl blend, 142cm x 2.5m
lining fabric

Have a happy holiday!


  1. Those are 2 lovely jackets! I love your colour schemes; chic and flattering and stylish.

  2. I love both these pieces so much!

  3. Hello Yoshimi:) The beige jacket is just Awesome!!! I would seriously covet a jacket like that:)
    Your work is over the top with these things!! Good for you!!!!! ;)laura


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