Friday, January 1, 2010

Easy Mobius Cowl

A Happy New Year!


It took just one day to knit this easy and pretty cowl, and took another day for a pair of wrist warmers in the same yarn. It was a quick knitting and the result was very satisfying.

I usually have a problem with wearing cowls, no matter how big or small they are, I find it difficult to wear cowls rightly. I hope you know what I mean. Most cowls are simply tubular, and it causes uncomfortable excess when I try them on. They would sit on my shoulders strangely, or they would bury my neck unnecessarily funnily, instead of wrapping my neck nicely and gracefully with their characteristic feature, richness.

So I analyzed about it a bit, and thought that adding one-time twist to my cowl would make my life improved. Indeed, this cowl with a mobius twist sit on my neck just fine without any hustle, and it looked prettier than any other cowls I have tried! I think the twist is absorbing the excess that is normally aimlessly dangling around my neck. You can't imagine how happy I was to find my rule for cowls!


I recommend this to you if you have same kind of problem as mine on cowls and if you still would like to try another. This is a simple pattern with great potential.

Easy Mobius Cowl by Haley Waxberg

size: smaller size
note: knitted with holding those 3 yarns together

Filatura Di Crosa Zara Solid: off-white
Filatura Di Crosa Maxime Print: colorway5062, multi-colored
UNITIKA bonbulcy silk: pale pink

*the pink coat is one of my old creations (2007).


  1. I love your colors and sense of design!

  2. Love the cowl. Where did you find the pattern for the hand warmers? I'm going to be knitting this up too. Beautiful with your coat.

  3. Thanks for leaving your kind comments, Cindy and okie2thfairy!
    okie2thfairy, sorry, I should have described about my wrist warmers! I knitted them without a pattern. Basically I've done a pair of tubes to fit my wrists, with the little holes for thumbs. I hope it helps but I think you can use other wrist warmers' pattern with a small modification to match this cowl too. Good luck!

  4. That cowl is beautiful, and I love that pink with your blue jeans! Thankyou for posting that link to the pattern.

  5. Still LOVING that pink jacket you've made! It is classic!(i sooo WANT it:) when your tired of it send it over ok!:)just teasing you!!! Of coarse the knits are beautiful. Is there anything you cannot do Yoshimi!!???:)


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