Thursday, October 7, 2010

my resolution

We have fall everywhere.

I don't remember if I've mentioned my this year's resolution here. It's that I allow myself to sew as much as I would love to, unlimitedly.

Sounds funny?
Yes, I think so too.

Before telling my this year's resolution, I think I should have explained that my new-year resolutions were always "I sew as less as possible." I start sewing my clothes some 6 years ago and I absolutely loved it from the beginning. However, at the earlier stage I also realized that I could easily end up with just abusing the resources on our planet by my casual and careless projects which generate useless results, for the sake of my temporal sewing pleasure. I didn't like that and took it seriously. So I've been trying to tell myself that I need to be very careful and should take a long time for planning rather than actual sewing, to avoid feeling sorry for myself creating unwanted objects in the end. I wanted to commit a minimal number of projects and wanted them all perfect.

It's not my intention to oppose anybody who actively enjoys sewing or whatever other activities and creates a big number, but I hope some of you understand what I'm trying to tell you. I assume that I unconsciously wanted to sew more freely without any number limitation or garment type restriction, but I never allowed it to myself, because of my policy.

Said that, I had my mind changed slightly last year. That is, I had a hard year last year. So many sorts of problems and evil thoughts visited me from all angles without warning. Everything came from outside but I didn't know how I solve them because they were, in short, not actually my own problems. However, they lasted long and discouraged me much both physically and mentally, and eventually I lost more than a stone after many wakeful nights. And then my back went wrong because of my radical losing of muscles and it tethered me in the bed for a while. However, I could stay somehow sensible but never drawn into the dark side, because I had my wonderful family and truly lovely friends around me, and I had SEWING too. I realized that I was truly positive, optimistic, constructive, calm and happy while sewing. Making things was a much more positive activity than I had thought. It surely helped me to be a better and healthier person, and I thought that it was fair enough to "consume" the resources a bit. I already knew that sewing helped me a lot to dress myself, but I had to agree that it also gave me much more than the garments. Some people say that sewing is the outlet of their creativity, but I'd say my sewing is the intake of my positiveness. Oops did I say too much?

Consequently I decided to allow myself to sew unlimitedly for making me stay happy on the first day of this year. For a year only. I wanted to see how I behave when I discharge myself from the stupid self limitation. I wanted to check if I waste all fabrics in the whole world and if I yell at myself by regretting what I have done on them when I have no limit. So far it is not likely happening, though. I'm sewing more than I would really need, but it's not beyond my expectation. And I'm happy much more than I wished on new year's day. I guess I can happily reduce my projects to a reasonable number next year. I'll have more time to visit others' and your blogs, and it will be more fun!

I had 3/4 year gone, and have 3 more months to go!

I sew as much as I'd love to.
I sew what I'd feel like.
I sew nothing interesting.
I sew what is not likely useful.
I sew for volunteering to people who are in need.
I sew what doesn't look promising.
I sew what makes me just curious.
I allow myself to sew stupidly as long as I'm enjoying sewing.
I trust myself.

And I sewed another pair of basic pants in my favorite fabric and took my husband out for chatting under the trees on an autumn day.
I'm so happy.

Have a great day, everyone!


pattern: pants "Joker" (PDF) from TAMANEGI-KOBO
fabric: cotton stretch, PU blend

The post for my first Joker, in wool fabric is here.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I too, feel that sewing benefits me especially when life can have so many challenges. If you are concerned about using up resources, perhaps some of your sewing could be for other people, particularly those in need. It might be a way to assuage guilt while benefiting from the activity itself. Just a thought! Peace!

  2. It's good to have balance in your life and it appears that sewing offers you balance. Enjoy creating and it's nice to read others thoughts on the struggles of their life and how to find harmony with all that we want or try to do. Beautiful pants.

  3. I know how you feel. I stay at home with three small children and sewing gives me a "separate" sense of accomplishment and happiness. Improving my skills helps too. Thanks for keeping such a beautiful blog and your projects are inspiring!

  4. I really enjoy reading your posts - they inspire me! I hope your resolution to sew freely works well for you, and I look forward to reading all about the results.

  5. I have wondered about that too, with sewing---I'm not in a place yet where I think "I have too many of everything" in my wardrobe, but I can see getting there someday. At the same time sewing is much more time consuming than shopping, so I think it would be much easier to over-shop than to over-sew ;).

    I'm sorry you had such a hard year last year, and I'm glad that sewing has helped you. If it works---keep at it. :)

    PS I love your blog so much. Your creations and your writing are both so soft, sweet, elegant, and restful. :)

  6. I liked your comment about sewing stupidly as long as it made you happy. Sometimes we do stress too much about sewing. It's a great way to relax - to enjoy the process more and focus on the result less. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your blog; I check every day to see if you have a new post! You said you might reduce your sewing next year; if sewing makes you happy do not deliberately reduce it just for the sake of reducing it. As one other reader said, sew of the needy if you feel that you have made enough clothes for yourself. Don't inhibit your intake of positiveness!!


  8. What great comments on the pleasures of sewing. I agree with everyone that sewing is very relaxing and takes you away from the daily problems.
    To me sewing is an activity that is thousands of years old and yet so modern, I feel connected to generations of people before who sewed to survive yet developed so many decorative and beautiful techniques.
    I wish my friends could understand why I love sewing but I have a community of friends here in Blog-world that understand!

  9. Adorable Yoshimi!!
    I love your pants - you always do so a wonderful job fitting.

    First, I can't sew as much as I like - I'm not sure if it's procrastination or I work at a consuming full time job! But, when I took up garment sewing a year ago I did make the decision not to have a "stash." I really only keep maybe the fabric for a few projects (one to four) in the stash - something I didn't do while quilting. Thus, I use almost everything I buy. . . I don't know if this reduced my carbon footprint:) - but it seems more green:)

    Good luck - I love what you make!! I can't wait to see what is next!
    Warm regards, Pam

  10. By the way, I just ran your post by J. (a man) who said, "since fabric (textiles) is coming directly to Yoshimi, there is less distribution, shipping (and less general manufacturing), thus, the home sewing is much greener because the end projects are not being handled by so many people, warehouses, trucks, etc. . . " (Like growing own food)...." We do live in California and this is a topic of discussion frequently . . .

  11. I agree with others here that your posts and projects are very inspiring to others who sew, and your positiveness does shine through the internet! Pammie's comment about the greenness of home sewing versus buying clothes is interesting -- think also about advertising and marketing of manufactured clothing and all the waste that generates. While fabrics must be marketed too, they certainly aren't advertised like manufactured clothing is.

  12. I love this post because it's so interesting. We do have a very emotional connection to what we do, even our "hobbies". How funny that when we really love something we wonder if we are overdoing it if we really go for it and follow our hearts. Treat your sewing like an artist, Yoshimi, they don't ask " Is this painting necessary" . We must be able to play and experiment and make mistakes in order to fully express ourselves. The nice end result is that there is often a finished wearable garment, but even is there isn't, its not a a crime to learn and experiment. So kudos to you for making the decision not to limit yourself because you recognize the tremendous joy that it brings you to sew. Even if everything you made was a wadder, that enjoyment could still be a good reason to sew. Also I agree with the previous poster who says that making your own clothes already puts you far under the overconsumption of the average person.

  13. It's fabulous that sewing makes you feel happier plus you always look so lovely in the clothes that you make :-)

    For me 'making' is essential to my wellbeing and I feel terrible when can't get into my sewing room for a while.

  14. Thank you for sharing, yoshimi. Your blog is a jewel.

  15. Many thanks for sharing your experience. Your blog inspires me and encourages me in sewing as well.


  16. What a lovely post.

  17. Nothing basic about these pants. Love your shoes too.

  18. Are your shoes Chie Mihara? Love them!

  19. Thank you for such a lovely post. You are such an inspiration.

    You always choose patterns that have such lovely lines and work so well for your figure. Can you also please post what the pattern is for your beautiful top?


  20. Such a wonderful post, Yoshimi.
    Sewing makes me happy too. It makes me happy when I'm sad, it makes me feel better when I'm sick, and it makes me happier when I'm happy!
    I also worry about abusing too much resources, and try to make it up by using less of other things. No shampoo, less soap, less make-up, thrift stores, etc. I don't know, maybe that's just an excuse... but I need sewing ^_^

  21. It's nice to be virtuous, and it's sweet that you try. But it's not OK when it tilts into masochism..

    Yes, sewing can be therapy of sorts, and over your life there are times when you want to make seriously planned things for specific purposes, and times when you just want/need to have fun. It's a natural cycle, there's no point in fighting it, each has its place.

    My only problem with what you're doing is the strict timeline. My life circumstances never follow the calendar, I'm curious to hear how come yours do? If anything I tend to have a more seasonal sewing cycle, like busts of activity when the season changes and I realize I have nothing to wear :-). Seriously, you should do what you feel like when you feel like it, if you make sewing into work you're less likely to keep it up over the long term.

  22. I am glad this year is so much better for you. Must be the sewing :)

  23. Hello everybody, thank you for your kind comments, I appreciate them so much. Though I can write only clumsy, you are always kind and never fail in getting me and what I try to say. How nice, and another big thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

    >christina, thanks and yes, they are Chie's. I love her shoes because I can run in them!
    >Cindy, thank you and the top that I'm wearing in the pics is a store-bought. It is one of my favorites and, ahem, 10 years old. I myself would love to have the pattern for it too!
    >Marie-Christine, thank you for your comment. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable by my writing, but it was not my wish. I don't think I'm masochist, but I think I'm now looking for what I can really be comfortable with. I guess it was my poor writing that made you have the problem. I often write deliberately stupid too and it may have confused you. I'm sorry for that, I have to consider about it too. I'd be feeling it strange too if someone declared in advance that she/he was going to quit sewing after an intensive one year of commitment, but it's not that. That is indeed strange like a devoted happy couple pronouncing a next year's their breaking up, and it is difficult (for me) to understand. However, I'd love you to take that my resolution is like a planning, a woman planning how long and how hard to jog for the day, or for the year. She can run every road without any routine enjoying every scenery in the town day by day, but she can be happy with plans on her running routes and distances also. It's not disturbing for me to have plans and goals for enjoying my hobby. I'd be rather happy when I feel that I am behaving right, and I'm always looking for the answers to "what's better" and it's not synonymous with repressing or disobeying my feeling. In other words, I think I am doing what I feel like... I hope I am understandable.

  24. I forgot to write this!
    Let's see how we can go greener as hobby sewists, friends!

  25. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts.

  26. I loved that post, especially the comment:
    "I realized that I was truly positive, optimistic, constructive, calm and happy while sewing."

    You have expressed perfectly something I have been struggling to articulate for years!

    And congratulations on your lovely fashion sense, your garment skills and lovely figure! You look lovely in your creations.


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