Thursday, June 30, 2011

a denim suit

I hope you all are doing great!
As for me, I've been slowed down. I maybe need to tell you that I always kinda enter the period of hibernation at the onset of the summer. I'm not good at dealing with the hotness. I hope I can survive this summer too...

By the way, that's the one of the biggest reasons why I miss England so much. I love the mild and lovely summer there. I'd be sobbing with happiness if I were in the Kew Gardens at this moment.

However I'm here in Japan, in this hotness.

I recently sewed a pair of pants in a flowing light linen/rayon denim. They look like and actually are similar to Thai pants. I hope you can see that they have a narrow wrap area in front. The closure is done by a pair of buttons, and it has no waist band. Very wide and relaxed pants. Yes, they really are comfortable to be in, even in this heat, because of the flowing fabric and those wide legs. I'm happy with my new summer pants!
Then I experimented, I mean, I sewed a sleeveless top in the same denim as you see.

Despite the fact that I started it to make fun of myself and also to entertain you in a funny way, I ended up with thinking that they were lovely with each other in some way.

Yes, I failed but I feel good, after all.
I hope you like it too!


Thai style pants in denim:
pants Emerald (PDF pattern) from Tamanegi-kobo

sleeveless top in denim:
blouse 5762 (PDF pattern) from anneedeux*

fabric: linen50/rayon50, denim, indigo x light gray, flowing, light, bouncy, smooth


  1. ah, the joke is on you-- absolute perfection, as always! 

    i hope you find a terrific AC so that we see more of you this summer-- i miss oohing and ahing over your creations :)

  2. Cute!  Much better than a thick denim suit.  I like the slightly fitted top with the flowing pants. 

  3. I love the denim suit! Both pieces are simple but have something interesting about them. You always make such well fitting pants. I am inspired to try some too.

  4. Cute!  You made two winners there, they'll work together or with other pieces.  Stay cool!

  5. Beth (Sunnygalstudio)July 1, 2011 at 12:44 AM

    I am wild for denim and love your new outfit.  

  6. Absolutely Awesome !  I LOVE this outfit  and you look great !


  7. Interesting pants. Hope you're feeling better soon.  I've never been to Japan but understand that the summer heat is oppressive.

  8. Failure?  Not in the slightest!!  They look gorgeous together, and I'm sure will be very good as separates too.  I do love that you used white buttons on the back of the top, they stand out and look interesting against the blue.
    Beautiful, Yoshimi!

  9. Very cute!  Come to San Francisco in the summer.  It's very cold here!  Lots of fog and chilliness.

  10. Thank you, Shams!! That's a good idea! (^^)

  11. That outfit is so much fun!  I never would have thought an all-denim outfit would work, either, but it looks great. 

    I couldn't beLIEVE how hot Tokyo was when I was there a couple years ago, with its 2000% humidity.  It felt like I was going to die and did not understand how the locals were wearing anything more than bathing suits, much less layers on some of the fashionable girls.  And I am from a hot place!

  12. I love this! The trousers are especially very chic on you!

    And I'm sorry to rub it in, but we have a BEAUTIFUL summer day in London today - about 20C, sunny, and with a slight breeze. Bliss! I grew up with awful Pennsylvania hot & humid summers so I appreciate English summers so much now, even when it's raining. :)

  13. You've made  a lovely hot weather outfit Yoshimi. BTW 22 degrees and sunny in Oxford, UK - very good for cycling! 

  14. Ok, you"re are awesome me ever.  The fabric, the color and
    the style are so you...lovely.  Have a happy weekend and
    stay cool.

  15. Oh my goodness, this is so great! I feel with you, I think the extreme heat wouldn't be good for me, either. You know what is so strange - I recently had a dream about a dark blue linen suit - and it looked a lot like what you made here! Spooky!

  16. Totally cool  and very elegant.

  17. This is really not a failure - this is a classy, interesting outfit!

  18. My brother loved the climate in Edinburgh! (He recently moved to Australia and has been complaining about the heat. Usually when it's brutally cold here in Canada. Sheesh.)

    Your suit is lovely and elegant, but then I wouldn't expect anything else from you ;). I especially love the top, though, I can see wearing that with all kinds of things.

    Good luck with the heat! And feel free to send some our way... 

  19. You have beautiful taste! It looks really elegant. I think denim is a great fabric to play with, nit just for casualwear. And yes, the pant look uber chic on you!


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