Monday, April 30, 2012

Going out

Hello, my name is yoshimi. I'm 8-year-old as a hobby sewist who happens to be a biologist for much longer than 8 years. I am a female. I had my 47th birthday a week ago. I sew mainly for my self, but I also sew for others whom I love.
I am going to have the first day of my Me-Made-May challenge in a day. Although I had been operating this blog with my headless pictures to follow Japanese conventional morality based on the tricks of Ninja for the purpose of keeping anonymity for several years, I recently abandoned something about the rule for heads because I finally realized I would never have to be a Ninja anyway. Joking. It was just that I knew there were many Japanese readers here. I cropped my head, because I wanted to avoid debating yay or nay on Japanese "decent-people-have-to-keep-anonymity-on-the-internet" kind of tradition with them. I no longer mind it though. I think I'm going to take pictures for me-made outfit in May without cropping.
I mostly sew everyday clothes. With my Bernina and Babylock. I love sewing with my family watching TV by my side. They don't like me doing it on the other hand. I am 166cm(5ft 5") tall and would choose size36 when I sew Burda patterns. I am an indoor person who only goes out for the sake of getting chances to wear own handmade clothes. I have a beloved husband who takes out his wife to museums and beautiful gardens. Today, it was bank holiday Monday in Japan.  We went out, and I was in my latest handmade blouse with gigantic sleeves. I hope you can see them in the pictures.

Pattern: Ruby from Tamanegi-kobo (PDF)
Fabric: summer wool, light and flowy

Have a great day!

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  1. Hello Yoshimi :) those sleeves are magnificent! I hope MMM12 goes well for you. I'm also participating, it should be interesting.


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