Friday, May 4, 2012

Me-Made-May report, day1-4

day1 and day2: A-line skirts 
These me-made skirts are from the same pattern, which is a very simple above-knee A-line skirt. This is one of my old patterns and I totally know of how it fits and looks on my hip. I use this pattern endlessly and I have created a thousand copies with the combination of different fabrics and small modifications. If you say that those two skirts are the same, you're totally right. If you find that they look different, you're equally right! I simply thought it might be interesting to look at the same skirt in different fabrics on two days serially. So I chose them for day1 and day2. The white silk one is rather stiff and shimmers a lot. It holds A-line. The pink brown lace one is flowy and looks long because it hangs like fluid.

day3 and day4: basic stretch pants
Both me-made pairs of pants are also from one basic stretch skinny jeans pattern. I made the flare pair in an indigo denim and the other skinny&cropped pair in a floral print.

I was initially thinking that I'd post my report for MMM once a week, but now I think I'll post my reports on MMM challenge less frequently. I found that I'd love to focus my mind on the challenge more. I remembered that it took very long for me to prepare one blog post too. Eek, I'm so slow and inefficient to do this kind of things. But probably it's better to be inefficient than to try nothing, don't you think?

I hope you're enjoying this month!

Much love,

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