Sunday, August 18, 2013

knee-length mermaid skirt

I made a denim skirt for a newly purchased sweatshirt.

When I was much younger, I had one rule. It was that I'd buy one new garment which can be a key item for the next season very very ahead of the time. It was usually a tee in the middle of shivering winter. And it was mostly a wintry sweatshirt under the summer sun. When this habit started, I was really young but couldn't afford expensive clothes except something casual like T-shirts and cotton sweatshirts. Though I had to wait for months before I could actually put them on, I really loved my silly tradition and I remember I always looked forward to the next season for the sake of the single item I already bought, every year and all year round.

When I saw a sweatshirt of this gigantic flowery print a month ago, it rebooted something in my head. The brain responded to the sight of it and ordered me to buy it for the coming winter like I was used to do. Though it was not going to be my habit again, I felt it was very refreshing to purchase an item that would make me longing for the coming season. And I realized that I am still that silly too...


Sewing-wise, I sewed a mermaid skirt for the top. I thought its big silhouette would go pretty interesting with the skirt's flare in the hem.
Because I rather like heavy puckering and wearing in cotton denim garments, I sewed a raw denim and washed it in hot water to shrink/crease it after sewing. If you are interested in the shape of this skirt before washing/crushing, you can see it here in my other blog with Carolyn, photo maisonette, too.

Talk to you soon!


denim mermaid
  Mermaid Skirt (discontinued) from Annee-patterns
size40, down graded to 38. no lining. washed after sewing.
lengthened by 7cm to achieve under-knee length, flare-ness increased quite much too.
fabric: light blue cotton denim, heavy weight, stretches a wee bit


  1. Your outfit is fabulous, especially the skirt. I think that type of skirt is nice on any figure and I'd love to have a pattern of that type too.

  2. I really like the idea of buying a special piece out of season. The sweatshirt is so pretty and goes perfectly with your skirt. It's a shame the skirt pattern is discontinued as it's such a nice silhouette.

  3. That is a lovely outfit all over, and the colours are so very "you" I really like your idea of identifying one key piece to build your wardrobe around. Sounds very sensible and organised. I should follow your idea :)

  4. Perfect skirt for your gorgeous sweatshirt.

  5. I think your outfit is fabulous! Your sweatshirt is such a great piece to add as a wardobe staple for the oncoming season. I agree with Carolyn about following this idea

  6. That is a gorgeous outfit! What a fun tradition to have. Your skirt goes great with that sweatshirt.

  7. You're outfit is fabulous! I think your tradition is awesome and not silly... you should keep it up. ;)

  8. What a fun tradition to buy for the next season and have something exciting waiting in your closet when the weather turns. That sweatshirt is great, and the mermaid skirt is the perfect pairing.

  9. That's a great tradition! I love the swingy hemline of your skirt - I have some of these, so fun to walk in!

  10. i love how your skirt compliments the sweatshirt! Where did you get it? I just saw someone wearing it at New York Fashion Week!

    1. Hi Susan, it was from Acne. I love that picturesque print, it's pretty :)


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