Thursday, August 8, 2013

linen candid

Just a quick update and a small proposition that I'd like to make to those who might be interested.

I love linen clothes. Especially in summer. Linen provides simple style and feels comfortable in the weather. I made a linen skirt that was basically made from two tacked rectangular pieces of pink linen.

An elastic waistband, single pattern for both back and front. No pockets. Could be one of the simplest skirts in the world. Do I like it? Yeah! Isn't it cute and very summery in a good way?

Actually this pink skirt fits for my summer outfit very well. I'm officially much lazier and choosing easy clothing even more in this hot season, as I am not good at living in the heat. Naturally my sewing gets easier and easier, simpler and simpler, year by year at this time of the year. Yay for pull-on linen clothes that can be thrown into the washing machine two seconds after coming home (the homemade batwing top that I'm wearing in the pictures is linen too). I predict that I'd be wearing a piece of flat linen with three holes and overlocked hems in summer 2014. (and then an untreated linen sheet in summer 2015...) It's a prelude to sewing degeneration.

the elastic waistband
By the way. I'm kidding. I tell you this in case you don't know me who can make silly jokes that touch no one's heart.
It is just that my clothing style happens to be simpler than it really should be and I feel no need to add extra value to my production even to the simplest garments. Then you'd tell me I am lazy and you're utterly right about it.

Hopefully I'm going to feel like some *complicated* projects very soon. Stay there for me, please!

Linen pull-on skirt
pattern: "gather skirt" from polka drops (a Japanese pattern shop)
fabric: Linen. Pink, plain, woven, fairly heavy, flow-y, drape-y, and soft.

revision 2013/Aug/09
Appeal for asking swap partner was closed.
Thank you for your kind considerations! I already got some kind offers while I was sleeping after posting this. I'll write replies to all mails as soon as possible. Thank you very much, again, I really appreciate your friendly sewing-spirit! *hugs* -yoshimi

Before saying ta-ta for this silly post, I'd love to ask here if there is anyone who might be interested in making a small swap with me. I'd love to offer a tiny piece of polka dot-y fabric to someone who feels fine for sending me the vogue pattern V1247 in return for the fabric. I am certainly able to make an international order for the pattern even if there wasn't anyone to get my idea, so don't worry if you are thinking genuinely helping me out for getting the pattern. The thing is, I encountered this very nice Japanese cotton crepe in this summer. I loved it so much, and then I thought it would be nice if I can share the feel with someone who can imagine any use of it.

It is a small (new, store-cut) piece and the size is roughly enough for a pair of lounge shorts. The fabric has delicate fine crinkles on the surface, and is soft, smooth, cool and comfortable especially on bare skin. Not sheer. 100% cotton. I made PJ shorts for my entire family with this cotton in several colors and we all love them at all. Please be reminded, this is not an open giveaway. Send me an e-mail if you're interested, please! I have an e-mail address in my profile page. I'm thinking to fill the envelope with additional little stuff too :)
Thank you!

click to enlarge

Happy sewing to you all, friends!
Stay comfortable. Stay comfortable.

Did I say it twice?


(*Please let me know if you find any violations of copyrights for the printed commercial sewing patterns in this swap, I'd be very thankful to you for pointing them out. Because I might have failed to verify.)


  1. I love the skirt! There's nothing wrong with sewing and wearing simple garments, and I think they often are more stylish than "complicated" items. You have great taste in clothing!

  2. Hi, Yoshimi! If you still need someone to send you the pattern, please let me know. I would be happy to send it to you!

  3. You have beautiful taste Yoshimi and your clothes always look elegant and chic together :)

  4. You would look elegant in a bin bag

  5. Sometimes simple is classic and elegant as you have just proved!

  6. I'd be happy to exchange with you, Yoshimi! And you look so chic and cool in your summer linen.

  7. How funny! A linen poncho will be just the thing next year.......
    Your skirt and top look lovely, understated and elegant.

  8. Lovely cool summer linen skirt and top and so perfect for the hot weather!

  9. Simple clothing is so perfect for the summer! Hehe... they can also be very fashionable, too! You always looks so chic in your outfits!


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