Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Emerald wintry shorts

I'm trying to catch up my wintry sewing :)

"Emerald" is the pattern name for Thai style wide pants from Tamanegi-kobo. I really love this pattern!! I have posted my two pairs here and here in this blog, but I have to say they're just two of many that I sewed in the past. Anyway, I have made an wintry version in a heavy wool fabric and they turned out nice, actually nicer than I had wished. I rarely wear shorts in winter, but I'd change my mind as they look pretty in wintry outfit. I also have to mention that they are warm, much warmer than those mini skirts in the same length, in my opinion. I think they're great!

Pattern: Emerald Thai style wide pants from Tamanegi-kobo

- shortened the pants by simply cutting off the length and made them above knee.
- chose one larger size as the fabric was very stiff and thick(coat weight). The pants are not lined.
- used a stiff cotton twill for facing and a plain thin cotton for pocket housing, to avoid an extra bulk.

Fabric: wool/nylon (95/5), felted thick twill fabric, off white, plaids in navy blue and cranberry red. has a smooth surface and causes no problem on bare skin. slightly raised and warm.

I tried to make a heart with my fingers but I know it doesn't look like that, haa...

They look like a skirt in the front view, and I like how they are.

Talk to you soon!
Much Love,


  1. Why NOT make winter shorts to wear with tight?! I love these!

  2. I have some wool that I didn't know what to do with, and now I know, wintry shorts, perfect!

  3. Sugoiiii! Absolutely perfect winter shorts ... I wish I could wear white. :) But that is never a good idea for me ... it doesn`t stay white for long. :D

  4. Great styling Yoshimi. It's a lovely wool.

  5. Wonderful winter short and you look so warm and comfortable!

  6. Hi Yoshimi,
    I haven't kept up with your blog in over a year and its great to see you are still sewing beautiful clothes. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  7. Fantastic shorts! I love that funky photo making the heart with your hands! It reminds me of the fashion photography of the '60's :)


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