Monday, November 8, 2010

Sarah in Pink

A shrug type jacket called Sarah, pattern from BurdaStyle.

On the other day, my lovely friend Kapo bought this fabric on her holiday trip. She found it at the local fabric store and took it home with her, just because it was "SO YOSHIMI". Yes, she bought it for me. Sounds weird but I totally know how it can happen to us... Our consensus is that fabrics rule how we look (in our self-made garments) quite very much. I guess that we are concerned with them, nearly too much.

Much as we are concerned, it is totally uncontrollable to encounter nice and reasonably priced fabrics, and it is also so depending on our luck. Moreover, one good found pretty fabric can be the best choice for a person, but not always the same for others. So, I can understand why she kindly thought she had to send it to me with no return when she found it. I guess she had more than the "Oh it's pretty, it would make a nice present" moment. It must have been "No way to miss the chance about perfect fabric whenever and WHOSEVER, if there is any".
Anyway, surprising gifts are always the sweetest ingredients in my humble life. They grow me as a happier and nicer person by feeding me love and caring. I know that you know I'm not talking materialistic... do I sound materialistic?? aaaaugh...


I was fairly sure that there was no better way for using it other than making it into a jacket which is big, simple, and something not serious. The fabric is so original by itself. It is like a sparkling pink version of fisherman's net with many thin and pretty ribbons. I bet that I can catch fish with it.

So I made a Sarah in this fabric.
Because the fabric was wide enough, I cut the fabric "on fold" instead of cutting two pieces for the right and left parts independently, and took the grain lengthwise too. I bound all hems with color matching woolen jersey strips in a very casual manner, and here I finished.

I like this very much and would love to wear it with jeans a lot!

Thank you so much, Kapo, you, and everybody else, for being there. I wish Happy Sewing to you all.

P.S. Could anyone suggest me some good places for sewing related shopping in London, please? I'm going there in December and would love to visit some shops which stock sewing patterns, tools, and notions, if I can have a spare time. I'm going to research by myself too but if you have an idea about it, could you please share it with me? I'd appreciate your kind help. Thank you very much!


  1. Totally agree about sometimes coming across fabric that's perfect for someone else. When that happens, everyone should just go for it. And I've had a completely unrequited present this weekend too, which warmed my heart no end.

    For London fabric shopping, check out always excellent advice :-).

  2. I agree with Marie-Christine about looking at Melissa's London shop guide on Goldhawk road is great for fabric shopping but i'm not sure where'd you'd go for good prices and a good selection of patterns and notions. Good luck!

  3. Hello Yoshimi----How wonderful that you will be able to shop for fabric in London! I agree with the others to check Melissa's blog. She may have listed MacCulloch and Wallis; I have found their website to be very useful for making the "pre-shopping" shopping list. best regards----Beth
    MacCulloch & Wallis
    25 - 26 Dering Street, London, W1S 1AT
    from US, website is:

  4. Oh fun is your shrug!! It looks great with the dress and the jeans!! You make such beautiful clothes!

  5. Yoshimi,
    I would get in contact with Eugenia - a fellow sewing blogger at her blogspot - she seems to know all the good places! Her blog is . .

    I love the fabric, by the way, it is fabulous. Lucky girl!

  6. Gorgeous shrug, and what a lovely friend you have!

  7. What a lovely present! The fabric is certainly bery unique and beautiful.

    When you are in London, you simply must visit Berwick Street, which is just off Oxford Street. There are many fabric shops there, including the Cloth House. This has many, many beautiful fabrics and I know you will love it!

  8. Oh my, I just love this! What a perfect casual garment to show off that adorable fabric. I think I'm going to have to get this pattern - it's really cute!

  9. Gorgeous as usual! What a great way to use that fabric and it is perfect with your dress.

  10. I like the shrug very much :) You make such beautiful clothes!

  11. Hi everybody, thanks so much for your comments and suggestions! I'm now on the checking, and realizing that there are so many places to visit. I definitely have to make a list before the plane takes off!!


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