Monday, November 29, 2010

two small pieces


I sewed two pieces of garments lately. Probably these are to be the last two sewing projects in this year. They are nothing special but they seem quite "me", to my eyes.

(1) I used a pullover pattern for the cardigan.
As I mentioned in this post, it's quite easy to make fitted cardigans from a pullover/jersey top pattern. I have one favorite pattern that fits me, and have been generating millions(a typical exaggeration) of cardigans from it. This cardigan is one of the millions and fits to my wintry life. Garments in the shops are generally too short in lengthwise for me, and they tend to make me feel awkward, cold, and miserable especially in winter. As my closet has been entirely occupied by handmade clothes for some time, I'm talking about the past, though. I'm zillion times happier than ever before about what to wear since I started wearing my humble self made rags. I mean, they fit my life.

pattern: TAMANEGI-KOBO, Fujiko pullover(PDF)
-One size bigger than my usual pullover size because it's winter.
-Wool/acrylic jersey. Soft, spongy, stretchy and warm. Light brown, with white tiny neps.
-Pearl decorated snap buttons. Lengthened both sleeves and body quite a lot (about more than 5cm/2" each)
-I growingly love this tool for button placement.

(2) I recycled my old A-line skirt and sewed it into a new short skirt.
This is an experiment to see how the skirt looks on me. The pattern was released recently and I found it very refreshing. However, I thought it was kinda short, and, it is quite short. But in the end, who cares, I wanted to try. I had an old skirt that was perfect for this experiment as a fabric resource too. So I checked.
I find it comfortable, and I think it looks pretty when accompanied with wintry colored tights.

pattern: anneeduex*, 9Cavarie skirt(PDF)
-No alteration or fitting adjustment, a complete default
-Wool/cotton tweed, cut from an old and tired handmade skirt. My first Linton tweed.
the fabric resource


I'll be glad if you could come back sometime in January, because there will be probably no new post in December.

I wish your holiday season and the rest of this year be very delightful.



  1. Those pieces are quite "you". Lovely as usual! I love the colors and cardigans paired with cute skirts are all the rave.

  2. I love the restyled skirt, and it does look lovely with dark tights. An excellent experiment! Enjoy your holidays!

  3. I love the short skirt on you--you have fabulous legs, and that skirt really shows them off! Will be excited to see what you have in store for us next year, enjoy your break! :-)

  4. Beautiful outfit!! Hehehe.. I'm always so jealous of your clothes!

  5. Both pieces look great on you, but that skirt looks fantastic shortened & with the tights! Very chic.

  6. I have just recently found your blog...and love it. I will miss your posts in December.

  7. Very smart outfit and you do look very chic in the short skirt and tights.

  8. Gorgeous outfit. The skirt look really good this new length.

  9. I love your cardigans! How do you finish your necklines?

  10. Thank you for the comments, everybody! I absolutely appreciate each one of them so much.
    Please refer the following posts when you'd like to read about making my cardigans.

  11. Both pieces are lovely and you can totally rock that short skirt girl! You've got those long legs to show off! Have a wonderful holiday!

  12. boooooo. no december yoshimi.... i will wait for january for the sewing motocross fiend to return!

  13. Dani_from AustraliaDecember 5, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    You are so clever! I LOVE your blog. Have a lovely Christmas :-D

  14. Very nice and I am drawn to those gorgeous shoes :)


Thank you for your comments!!