Friday, November 12, 2010

Turban-ite Head Wrap

I've been looking for the knitting patterns for turban-type slouchy cap for some time. Yep, you can see that I found one which I'm really happy with.

I love it, my whole family love it too (they seem that they're quite amused to see me in it at home, yeah, I wear it at home, because it's fun to act peculiarly and see everybody giggling at me).

Believe me, this is so cute.

pattern : turban-ite head wrap (PDF)
by Melissa Halvorson from year of the goat
You may also feel to visit my Ravelry page for more info and other photographs.



  1. Yoshimi - You are so fashion forward! I love the turban!

  2. How fun is that!! You, your hat and your pictures are so lovely!

  3. This is gorgeous! Fashion should be fun! You are beautifully colour co-ordinated in your outfit, and I love your boots, too!
    It's also nice to see a bit of Japan in your background.
    (I'm also smiling, because today I took a picture of my new dress inside, like you usually do, and today you are outside, like I usually do!!)

  4. It is very neat - quite 20's and cloche like! Can you wear it to the side also?

  5. You are so funny! And what a lovely ensemble you have in the beautiful weather.

  6. You look so happy in it! It's great!

    Have you seen this article in The New York Times? "The Turban Makes a Fashion Comeback"

  7. Hi everybody, thank you for the comments! They really brighten up my days!

    >Sherry, thanks! I'm afraid but I don't think it looks good when I wear it to the side. Probably because it is rather deep in depth, but I'm not sure...
    >katrina, thank you! I've read it, it was interesting to analyze what they say along with what I feel about fashion. I especially agree with Ms. Ambrose quoted in the second last paragraph.

    “Fashion is mute until we give it a voice,” Ms. Ambrose said. “That’s the guts and the energy of this whole thing.”


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