Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tiny Pocket Tank (sans pocket)

I sewed a tank as a wearable muslin yesterday. This small garment has two layers of very thin silk/cotton lawn and the two layers have different shapes and sizes at bottom hems, so that the garment looks more fluttering. These two layers give a good amount of comfort into the garment for escaping from transparency too. The pattern I used is the Tiny Pocket Tank pattern from Grainline Studio, sans pocket. Knowing that my measurements indicated size 8 in the chart, I used size 4 and felt that I'd better use size 6 next time. I'm getting ready for the Summer!

My husband and I spent some time in Gotemba outlet shopping mall today. It was a nice and bright day, and that is the reason why I could hardly open my eyes in the pictures. (My eyes are least open whenever I smile. The combination of some bright light and a fun day made my eyes transformed into another set of eyebrows, inevitably.)

On the way back home, we stopped by Toraya Kobo which is an experimental small cafe that is operated by a famous Japanese confectionery. Toraya has a small factory for some of their confections in some very quiet place near the shopping mall, and they provide an open and pleasant cafe space where customer can drop in for some green tea with their wagashi confections too. I enjoyed their endlessly refill-able green tea and a seasonal namagashi which tasted both really excellent. With some reason, they don't advertise this cafe really much. Therefore there are always only few people in the space and it is so quiet and almost, well... deserted. That is one of my favorite places to have a Zen moment. (I really hope they won't consider to stop providing the service because of the small number of customers...)

By the way, it's been a month since Carolyn and I started our new photo blog, photo maisonette. I'm enjoying it very much and also finding how I generally see the things that surround me. My photographs are very myopic and it is true that I am quite mentally myopic. It is funny that my photographs don't tell the stories behind the scenes but they do tell what kind of person I am, gradually and progressively.

Happy sewing!


tank top: Tiny Pocket Tank from Grainline Studio
double layered. outer shell has wider hem, longer length.
silk/cotton(60/40) lawn. contrasting bias binding with cotton voile.

stripe cardigan: Fujiko pullover pattern from Tamanegi-kobo
cotton/Nylon gauze jersey. blog post here.

linen pants: Joker pants pattern from Tamanegi-kobo
linen, crepe weave(-ish, not sure)


  1. Lovely tank, it's on my sewing to-do list. The tea shop setting looks so serene.

  2. Love your tank, the idea of the two layers is brillant. I have just sewn a muslin of the same pattern would love to copy your idea the next time.

  3. This is an amazing idea that I'll copy myself!

  4. That tank is beautiful. Ethereal. I have sewn the scout T and it is fantastic, but the Tiny Pocket Tank didn't fit very well. Time to go back to the drawing board and get it right. I have some beautiful Nani Iro double gauze that I can use once I get it right. Once again you have styled this tank perfectly. I love your style!

  5. Lovely tank. It is feminine and ethereal. Those two layers are spot on! I´m off to look up the word "myopic" :D

  6. I love everyone's tiny pocket tank...and yours is no exception! It looks great!

  7. Pretty tank in lovely color!

  8. Your tank top looks so pretty and floaty Yoshimi! I will definitely have to get this pattern since your creations are so inspirational :)
    I am thoroughly enjoying our blog, and getting to know you better through your daily images too!

  9. it looks very wonderful and floaty. I do enjoy your photo blog with Carolyn so much that I started following you as well :-)

  10. Your tiny tank top looks so cool and lovely and thank you for showing the glimpse of the fabric on your and Carolyn's photo blog, I am enjoying both of your journeys very much.

  11. Gorgeous! I love the way the two layers look together! :-)

  12. I think this is so elegant, simple! I've been thinking about trying this with two voiles I have: one print and one solid. Now I have more incentive to try.

  13. You are again soooo elegant Yoshimi! Beautiful!


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