Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Happy New Year

mishima-1, originally uploaded by yoshimi_ the flying squirrel.

We went to Mishima Taisha Shrine, which is one of very historical and important shrines in our country, for paying our first visit of the year. It's one of the popular ways to celebrate a new year in Japan. Many of us visit the local shrine and make wishes for the year, maybe regardless of their religiousness or even religion. Nobody blames you to visit a shrine for making your wish, that sounds kinda funny but I think it's nice they are always "open" like this. Our local shrine is very famous, and because we knew there would be such a crowd on the first and even the second day of a year, we made a visit today.
I thanked that I could survive last year and wished another healthy peaceful year in our family, as always.

If your written oracle is unhappy one, you can leave it with the bad luck like this.

I've done with my husband's shirt, and I'm on the dress for our daughter. I'm already very excited with our attendance to the wedding, because I rarely see my family in MY clothes (yes it's my fault!).
I'm also on a knitting project, too.
Of course it's mine. It's my scarf to be.


  1. Wow Yoshimi, that scarf is so beautiful.
    That yarn is sweet as spun sugar.

  2. Thanks! The yarn is so delicate and the color is very sweet, and there is my love to it everywhere. The one thing I miss is, the knitting skill! But, I'm feeling good on this challenging project. Yay, I'm improving!

  3. Happy New Year, Yoshimi!
    That's some beautiful yarn you have there! I imagine the scarf will be as beautiful as a dream.

  4. Happy New Year to you, Novita!
    I've done with the scarf, and I love it!


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