Sunday, January 25, 2009

my flower bed

I made this scarf as a gift to my friend. I crocheted more than 100 flowers in three different colors, and sewed them together into a scarf.

I was inspired by my pretty tapestry which was made of bright felted flowers sewn together, and I thought that I could make a lovely scarf by using the similar technique. Because the gift was expected under a certain budget, I used the recycled/left-over yarns from my stash for the most part of this project. I also bought two skeins of the purple yarn for the color completion. I think it worked well, and lucky me, the recipient looked very beautiful in it!



  1. Yoshimi, it's so beautiful! What a lucky friend!

  2. Beautiful! Your friend is lucky indeed, to have her own bed of roses - without the thorns! :-)


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